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About us

eLearning Asset is an initiative by Maanas Production Pvt. Ltd. We provide eLearning media assets catering to the needs of eLearning courses across the world. eLearning Asset was founded by a group of graphic designers, instructional designers, and courseware developers with vast experience in the eLearning industry at many levels. With the knowledge of the difficulties inherent in obtaining and developing media assets, eLearning Asset has created a database of assets that include stock images, character illustrations, and media elements for the eLearning industry. Our aim is to provide you with a choice of high-quality assets in an easy-to-use format that fits your eLearning course. We also provide graphic support for development of custom eLearning courses.

Areas of business

Our aim is to provide the tools you need to develop high quality eLearning courses within a short span of time. We offer services in the following areas:

Image Library: You don’t need to spend time and money on photo shoots or graphic software to modify stock images for your course. Our image library consisting of people images, illustrations, background scenes and mascots provide you with ready-to-use image files with the flexibility to create your own custom scenes using drag-and-drop. Check out our different image packs to know more.

Graphic Development and Support: To give you more customized support, we will work with you to develop graphics and media assets for your course based on your requirements. Our team will provide you with the professional help required for developing high-quality courses. Send us your requirements and our executive will contact you immediately.